Syracuse University Prepares for Smoking Ban

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As you probably know, Syracuse University, New York, is preparing to enforce smoking ban on its campus. Experts say that smoking should not be totally banned and there is a need to create special designated areas where mokers could light up. In order to ensure the implementation of the ban, there must be introduced fines or other disciplinary actions for those who will violate it.

The smoking ban at Syracuse University comes into action in summer 2015. The university authorities say that its aim is to create a healthy environment and promote smoke-free lifestyle, and not punish smokers. However, also is discussed the possibility to prohibit smoking on locations bordering public space and the university, such as Comstock and Waverly avenues. Full details of upcoming smoking ban are not known yet and the Universiyu is waiting for students opinions on the initiative.

Syracuse University is a private university and this allows it to create and implement its own rules. Smokers should have their place to smoke on the SU territory in order to not seek for an appropriate place outside it. Therefore there is a need to create designated areas for smoking and that would be a perfect solution for everyone. Smokers will continue to smoke and at the same time other people will be protected from secondhand smoke.

Smokers should be aware about zones where they can light up after the ban implementation, therefore the university authorities must launch an information campaign.

There must be introduced punishments for those caught smoking on campus areas where the smoking is banned. This approach will help to keep campus free of tobacco smoke and make people light up only in permitted areas.

Today more American universities are becoming smoke-free.

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