University of Alaska Wants a Smoke-Free Policy

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Authorities from University of Alaska told they prepared a draft for a new no-smoking policy on campuses, which is expected to come into effect in 2015. .

Due to students anti-smoking initiatives, more universities in the USA have become smoke-free. This contributes greatly to creating a healthy environment in the state. Most decisive moment was in September, when a number of members from the Board of Regents demanded a policy to take into consideration at their December meeting.

Pat Gamble, the President of Alaska University, asked chancellors at the Anchorage, Southeast, Fairbanks campuses to present him this month a tobacco-free plan. If he approves the plan, he will present it to regents for consideration.

During the past few years students pushed a smoke-free policy at regents meetings. According to Gamble, the shift is inevitable, and the request by regents could be the last step toward implementing¬†¬† a smoke-free policy on the campus.¬† The aim of the policy is to reduce people’s exposure to tobacco smoke.

However, it is unclear how the policy would be implemented. There should be decided the issue of e-cigarettes use on campus. Smoking is already banned indoors at UA facilities, but the new policy is going to extend it.  Gamble says that it is great that smoking is going to be banned on campuses but he wished the ban touched the entire state.

Generally, the tobacco use was a controversial subject for several years. When there was conducted a survey on smoking ban, 50% expressed their support and 50% opposed. Mark, smoker of Camel cigarettes, told that it is unfair to ban smoking as they will have to find other places to light up.

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