Branson, Missouri, Approves No Smoking Ordinance


The Board of Aldermen in Branson, Missouri, at rheir regular meeting unanimously voted for adopting a smoke-free ordinance. It was approved with 5-0 votes. Alderwoman Cris Bohinc was not present on the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting Alderman Rick Davis thanked the board members, city mayor, workers from Cox Medical Center Branson and the Tri-Lakes Clean Air Alliance, for their contribution and effort in drafting the ordinance.

The smoke-free ordinance was discussed almost six months before the Board included it in its agenda. It was modified several times before final passing.

The ordinance contains next points:
– Smoking is banned in all city parks.
– Tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are regulated the same.
– Smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces within the Branson city.
– Smoking is allowed in golf courses, private homes, no more than 20% of rooms in hotels and motels, patios in restaurants, decks to hotels, smoking lounges, balconies, timeshare rooms in which the resident has lived 29 days or less.
– Smoking is prohibited at the distance of six feet of outside windows, entrances, ventilation systems. In the downtown the distance must be four feet.
– Business owners and managers are those who must ensure the implementation of smoking ban.
– Those violating the law will have to pay a $25 fine.

Missouri’s leading health organizations  support the initiative and say that the ordinance should be implemented as soon as possible and even consider that the law must be stricter. The new no-smoking law will help to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure and thus make the society healthier.

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