Stillman College Joins Tobacco-Free Alabama Universities

Smoking Student

Stillman College, Alabama, this week declared that it prohibits smoking on its campus. The smoke-free policy is applied to all tobacco products and e-cigarettes. With this move the college joins University of Alabama and Auburn University which go smoke-free this year. The University of Alabama announced about the initiative in November 2014 which is going to expand it on all sporting events.

Vice President for Student Affairs Sharon Whittaker Davis says that the main aim for adopting such a law is to provide a healthy and safe environment for students and staff. People will no longer be allowed to light up at all school-sponsored activities, on campus, school-owned vehicles.

In 2011  Troy University became smoke-free. Miles College prohibits tobacco advertising on campus and sponsorship provided by tobacco companies. In 2014 the  University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System adopted a policy which does not permit to hire smokers.

Auburn University declared about their desire to ban smoking in summer 2014, and it starts with applying the ban on sporting events.

Student Ayana Hendricks supports the smoke-free initiative and says that such a policy makes the campus more inviting for visitors and students. The smoke-free environment is confortable for everyone.

Smoke-free policies are becoming very popular in colleges and universities but there is no enough data how effective they are.

At the University of Alabama the smoke-free policy comes more as guideline than rule because people caught smoking are not punished.

Spokesperson Cathy Andreen considers that people will comply to with the policy just like they do it in other no-smoking places.

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