Fort Collins Considers New Smoking Restrictions

Smoking Woman

City Council in Fort Collins, Colorado, on their upcoming meeting in February plans to discuss smoking restrictions in the city. There was proposed to expand smoking ban in Downtown area including Old town Square . The proposal prohibits smoking in next areas:
– all city parks and natural zones;
– all city owned facilities and their grounds;
– some public events and festivals.

Smokers are not allowed to light up in the follwing areas and businesses:
– on or within 20 feet of outdoor eating zones or patios behind sidewalk;
– in bars and restaurants;
– on any workplace, except ones where smoking is still permitted;
– in bowling alleys and bingo parlors;
– on stops of any public transport and platforms;
– within 20 feet outside of the entrances, windows, passageways and ventilation systems of smoke-free areas.

The ban is applied not only to tobacco cigarettes but also to electronic devices.
It should be said that proposal bans smoking in all motel and hotel rooms.

Smokers today may still light up in next areas in Fort Collins:
– retail tobacco stores;
– hospital smoking rooms and smoking cessation rooms;
– private residences, except those in use for public services;
– in some hotels and motels;
– private functions not open to the public;
– buildings under control of other governments.

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