What Impact Smoking Has on Pets

Dog and Cat

Normally when the new year begins, people want to change something in their life, they want improvements. Most common New Year resolutions are connected to a healthy lifestyle: going to gym, making exercises, keeping to a healthy diet.

However, these lifestyle changes have benefists not only on people, but they contribute to significant improvements in pets who live indoors. If you are a smoker, you should know that making quitting as your resolution in the new year, will have greater benefits for your pet than you can imagine.

ASPCA claims that nicotine is major toxin to pets which may have a direct contact with it or via secondhand smoke. Residue left on the smoker’s body also presents hazard to pets.

Veterinarian¬† Donald Loden from Cornerstone Animal Hospital in Joplin has thirty years of experience in treating pets. He claims that in his practice he saw many pets with serious health problems caused by their owner’s habit to smoke cigarettes.

In pets major health problems caused by smoking are those connected to respiratory system: bronchitis, asthma. Cats and dogs show the same reactions on smoking as humans are aware about. Besides this, cigarettes butts also represent danger for pets because they may swallow them, and this results in gastrointestinal troubles and even problems with nervous system. Loden says that symptoms are evident but it is hard to define that it was caused by swallowed cigarettes.

Limiting the amount of cigarettes will have a quick impact on pets health and wellness.

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