Smoking Cessation with “Quitter in You”

quit smokingThe American Lung Association together with WellPoint Inc have launched a smoking cessation campaign called “Quitter in You” to help smokers in their efforts to get rid of the habit. Thus WellPoint gave $1.5 million to the American Lung Association to support this program.

The major goal of “Quitter in You” is to support people who want to quit smoking cigarettes and make them know that past attempts to get rid of this habit are not failures because they were necessary to achive good results. A survey made by American Lung Association reveals that 6 of 10 past smokers were not able to successfully quit smoking from their first try, so needed several attempts for total quitting.

Due to the fact that most smokers do not quit at once and they achive good results only after several attempts, it makes them wiser and stronger. The main goal of “Quitter in You” campaign is to change the way smokers think about past quit smoking attempts and provide them necessary motivation to try it again. An attempt of quitting smoking means not  to smoke for at least one day with the intentention of not starting again.

The American Lung Association wants each smoker to know that they are not alone in their attempts to quit smoking. With every attempt they become much closer to their desire. The American Lung Association provides necessary support and resources that have already helped more than one million people quit smoking totally.

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