Smoking Ban Fails in Oceanside

After the law which bans patio smoking did not got motion in Oceanside for City Council to vote on it June 26, business owners will decide by themselves to permit or not smoking in patio of their restaurants and bars.

Jim Wood, the mayor of Oceanside, together with Gary Felien and Jack Feller, the councilmen, said they would not support the smoking ban.

Wood opposed the way the law was worded, because it permitted smoking in private property patios but prohibited smoking in patios next to public streets and sidewalks. The mayor said the law establishes an unfair advantage for some businesses which may lead o legal processes against Oceanside.

With all that, the Wood says he is against smoking. Feller changed his opinion about smoking ban he voted Pro on June 5. He explained this opposition to ban with the violation on private property rights and business owners’ freedom of choice. To Feller’s opinion, such laws remind of socialsim and he refuses to go this path.

Felien also refused to support smoking ban. He said he was concerned that revisions of law they made at the previous council meeting did not reflect everyone’s point of view.
Most of people who spoken on the subject were owners of bars and restaurants in Oceanside. They claim they are against the law because it establishes advantages for second floor patios and leaves questions if smoking cigarettes may be permitted in their own patios.

The owners of businesses say thay want their affairs to go well. When anti-smoikng laws were adopted in Carlsbad, a lot of businesses came to Oceanside. Smoking is not an illegal activity.

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