Lincoln Introduces Tobacco-Free Policy in Parks

Kids Playground in Park

Richard Bosco, Police Chief of Lincoln, the city in Pennsyvania, told that there going to be introduced changes in smoking policies in recreation areas. This will take place in collaboration with Tobacco Free Allegheny and participation in Young Play program that would take place in the state Department of Health.

To say that  Tobacco Free Allegheny  is a non-profit organization which is responsibale for spreading information about effects of tobacco use on smoker’s body and effects of secondhand smoke exposure on people near the smoker.

The purpose of  Young Lungs at Play  program is to help communities adopt tobacco-free policies on kids playgrounds, parks, recreational areas.

Bosco considers that the program is great and said that the resolution was adopted in order to make all public zones where kids play smoke-free environmants. The resolution touches Breznay Field near the borough building, and the playground, pavilion and soccer field at the top of Bell Bridge Road.

There will be installed smoke-free signs informing residents about the smoke-free policy. The responsability for the policy enforcement lies on the police and Bosco said they will be ready to enforce it when all signs will be installed.

Mainly, police will not walk and seek for smokers in prohibited areas. They will react on complaints and anyone may do it. However, Bosco believes that people will obey to the policy. For violation there will be imposed a $25 fine and smokers will be asked to leave the zone.

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