Philip Morris to rebrand Bright Leaf cigarette range

The tobacco company, Philip Morris Limited, intends to rebrand the Bright Leaf cigarette range with a new style this month.  Bright Leaf was introduced in 2009 as Marlboro Bright Leaf is developing to be Bright Leaf, while sustaining its position as a brand from the manufacturers of Marlboro. Marlboro Bright Leaf is presently over indexing in its target group. The rebranding will be an effective step towards long term growth.

New Marlboro Bright Leaf

Marlboro Bright Leaf pack

The new pack style will recharge the Bright Leaf branding, and while continuing to take advantage of the Marlboro quality it will additionally distinguish it from the key range.

Zoe Smith, Marketing Director UK & Ireland affirms: “Bright Leaf is a cigarette brand that the company has created particularly with the UK adult smoker in mind, both in terms of taste delivery and modern packaging. Bright Leaf differs from any other Marlboro product, except for the high quality, and the new packs are made to evidently differentiate it from the well-known international Marlboro range.”

The rebranding is promoted with messaging that presents British irreverence. The branding appears on the back part of the pack with a message ‘New pack. Unequivocally, assuredly, most definitely the same smooth taste. Sorted’ which will evolve to ‘Specially created for the discerning British taste’ during a two phase process.

Stage one of the Bright Leaf release will work for three weeks at the beginning of January, presenting an introduction to the new style that will show the present pack graphics on three parts of a poly film with a cut reveal to the new pack that lies beneath.

The second stage will reveal the new styles completely while using the poly film across both versions to present the “New pack. Same Taste” message. The pack rebranding will be presented in full across the UK with price marked packs available to improve the competitive price point.

Bright Leaf can be bought only in the UK. It was created to take into consideration the British taste preference for Virginia Blend tobaccos. Virginia accounts for 92 percent of the UK cigarette market.  Bright Leaf is available in 2 versions, the full flavor 10mg and a smoother 7mg option, well-known as Bright Leaf Platinum.  Both versions are offered in price marked and non-price marked packs, with an RRP of £6.95 for 20.

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