Inefficient Marlboro packaging design to discourage smoking

Erik Askin, an industrial designer, invented a new, may be effective, method to discourage smoking and to help smokers quit smoking. He came up with new format for cigarette packaging. New packaging design will make life harder for smokers. The designer tried to demonstrate the inefficiency of the new packaging using and depicting a Marlboro Red pack.

Marlboro Red pack

Marlboro Red Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigarettes Cartons

Marlboro packs

Marlboro New Cartons

Marlboro Cartons


Cigarette Cartons

Cigarettes Cartons


Diamond Cigarettes

Cigarette packs

New Cigarette Pack

Impractical cigarette pack

Diamond Cigarette Pack

Diamond pack of cigarettes

New cigarettes pack

New cigarette pack

Opened cigarette pack

Opened Cigarettes Pack

Inefficient Cigarette Pack

Impractical cig pack

Marlboro New Pack Design

Inappropriate cigarette pack

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One Response to Inefficient Marlboro packaging design to discourage smoking

  1. Patrick says:

    This is a waste of time and money, smokers won’t quit because of this. Even pounding rain won’t stop a smoker, so an odd box is just a stupid idea. Seems more like a teen marketing idea to me, something new and odd. Dope heads will love it more too.

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