JTI launches new Benson&Hedges Dual 10s

Right after the productive release of Benson&Hedges Dual 20s in summer 2012, Japan Tobacco International is expanding the collection with the launch of Benson&Hedges Dual 10s. New cigarettes are available from 1st January 2013. Sellers will be able to capitalise on the development of the new capsule cigarette segment.

Benson&Hedges Dual 10s

Benson&Hedges Dual 10s cigarettes

Benson&Hedges Dual is an inventive capsule cigarette which makes it possible for existing adult smokers to customise their smoking experience with a fresh taste only by crushing a capsule inserted in the filter.

Jeremy Blackburn, Japan Tobacco’s head of communications, states : “Current innovative developments including capsule technology have demonstrated to be really popular with existing adult smoking people.

“Throughout the world, capsule cigarettes currently represent over 380 million cigarette packs sold, and in only 10 months, the segment in the UK has produced over £30m in retail sales value.

“Since the release of B&H Dual 20s cigarettes in the summer 2012, they already reached a considerable 18.5 percent volume share of the UK’s capsule cigarette segment and new B&H Dual 10s will offer retailers a new opportunity to make profit.”

Benson&Hedges Dual 10s are available for purchase in a standard King Size format at an RRP of £3.62.

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