November is Smoking Cessation Month

quit smoking
In the USA November was declared National Smoking Cessation Month and Quality Insights of Pennsylvania supports it. Health care providers say that quitting smoking, even for one day, is a very important step for smokers towards a healthier life and this helps to reduce risks for cancer.

American Cancer Society says that tobacco consumption remains the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the USA. It is estimated that about 43.8 million American people still smoke cigarettes which is almost 1 in every 5 adults.

It is difficult to stop smoking and here may greatly help American Cancer Society which provides all necessary resources and support that can increase smokers’ chances of quitting successfully.

A study showed that smokers are most successful in quitting smoking when they get support, such as stop-smoking groups, nicotine replacement therapies, smoking-cessation hotlines,, online quit groups.

Besides this, American Cancer Society celebrates on November 21 the’s Great American Smokeout during which people get informed about tools they can use to quit and stay tobacco-free.

Quality Insights of Pennsylvania, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Pennsylvania, offers a number of downloadable resources and tools to help smokers quit.

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