Mondays Might Be Your Best Day to Quit Smoking


In order to examine smoker’s weekly interest in quitting, researchers from the Santa Fe Institute, The Monday Campaigns, San Diego State University and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed Google search quieries related to quitting smoking from 2008 to 2012 in such languages as English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Portuguese. John W. Ayers from San Diego State University is the author of the research. It was sponsored by  Morgan Johnson, co-author and Research Director for The Monday Campaigns.

The research revealed that people search about quitting smoking more frequently at the beginning of the week. Researchers used a daily measure that represented the proportion of quit smoking searches to all searches and they found that the highest amount of quit smoking queries are made on Mondays. This tendency was noted in all six languages which means that people around the world are thinking about quitting smoking on Mondays.

Search queries in English were 11% higher than on Wednesdays, 67% higher than on Fridays, and 145% higher than on Saturdays. Generally, for all six languages, Monday query volumes were 25% greater than the average number of searches made from Tuesday through Sunday.

John W. Ayers says that findings may change the way health officials approach smoking cessation. People say that the decision to quit smoking is spontaneous. However,  Google searches demonstrate that most people take such decisions at the beginning of the week.

Joanna E. Cohen, the coauthor and Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Global Tobacco Control says that this collective mode of thinking can impact programs created to encourage quitting.  She considers that smoking cessation campaigns may benefit from moving to weekly hints.

Morgan Johnson, says that it would be better to reach people when they are thinking about quitting smoking, and Monday seems to be a perfect time for that. The new findings do open new scientific prospects. The increase of cigarette prices makes more and more people refuse from smoking.

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