Magnetic Fields May Help Smokers Quit

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According to a recent study, using magnetic fields may help smokers quit. The researchers had used transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to free brain from nicotine addiction.  The results of the study were presented at the Neuroscience 2013 conference and the researchers said that magnetic stimulation of the brain may help people to quit completely.

However, it is early to say exactly if the method could be used as a therapy and therefore more studies need to be done.

TMS is used today as an effective way to treat depressions which works on the brain by stimulating neurons to change brain function.

Researchers from Ben Gurion University in Israel focused magnetic fields at brain areas that respond for nicotine addiction. In the study participated 155 smokers who were divided into 3 different groups: high-frequency TMS, low-frequency TMS and no treatment at all, and during 13 days they were given treatments specific to their group.

People from high-frequency TMS group showed lower smoking rates and were more likely to have quit smoking at the end of the study which lasted 6 months.  Third of them had quit smoking after 5 months when they saw images of a lit cigarette while having the magnetic therapy.

The researchers said that magnetic therapy may be altering the brain’s response to smoking signals. According to the authors, the research shows that it is possible to  undo some of the changes to the brain caused by permanent smoking.  However, there must be studied why and how such methods do work.

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