Tempe Bans Smoking in Cars with Kids

Smoking in Car

City of Tempe in Arizona adopted a law which does not allow to use cigarettes in cars in presence of children. Offenders will face fines.

The law is created to encourage smoking people to keep from using cigarettes when they have kids inside their cars sitting on the backseat. It came into action on Saturday.

Tempe City Council in May passed an ordinance which says that drivers smoking in cars with kids should be subjected to a $50 fine for the first offence and $100 for every next offence. The law prohibits use of all smoking products including e-cigarettes as well.

However, police cannot just penalize a driver just for using tobacco in the car with his child. Police will impose a fine to smoker only in case he was stopped for another infraction such as overspeed and has a cigarette in presence of a kid. Offender will pay fine for each kid in his car.

A judge may abolish the fine for the first offence in case the smoker agrees to enter a quit smoking profram.

The proposal of this ordinance came from Councilman David Schapira who tried to push it for several times in past years but all of them failed. He says that he proposed the law six years ago and only now it was adopted.

Opposers told that the ordinance will not help to protect kids from smoking because in most homes parents light up inside.

Now Tempe is the first city in Arizona to pass such an anti-smoking law. Similar ordinance already exists in Kingman.

Such states as Utah, Oregon, California do not allow smoking with children in cars.

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