Nevada Shows Highest Rate for Secondhand Smoke Exposure


According to a recent study, more than half of adult people in the state of Nevada are exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke and this is the highest rate in the USA.

The state on the second place for secondhand smoke is just 10 percentage points lower than Nevada. John Packham, chief of Health Policy Research at the University of Nevada School of Medicine said that these are bad results for Nevada.

There is no doubt that secondhand smoke is bad for human’s health, because several American Surgeon Generals showed in their reports what risks it presents. Today is clear that both smoking itself and secondhand tobacco smoke have negative effects on health.

National Adult Tobacco Survey conducted in 2009 — 2010 by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention revealed that 67.4% of adults in Nevada said they were exposed to secondhand smoke in the previous 7 days. Michigan with 58.8% follows Nevada. On the latest place is Montana with only 35.7%.

Scientists claim that secondhand tobacco smoke puts people at risk for development of such diseases as stroke, heart attacks and asthma. Packham considers that the main problem in Nevada is that people are exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace, specifically casinos.

In its turn, Philip Morris USA, cigarette maker that produces Marlboro cigarettes, told that the public should follow the recommendation of public health officials.

In a statement, Philip Morris wrote that special attention should be paid on kids and people should not smoke in their presence. Then they added that the conclusions of public health officials about tobacco smoke are enough to implement measures that regulate cigarette smoking in public places.

Places where cigarette smoking is allowed, the government should demand the installing warning notices that inform people about public health officials’ conclusions that secondhand smoke causes disease in nonsmokers.

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