Georgia Colleges Ban Tobacco Use

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31 public universities and colleges that make part of  the University System of Georgia are going to become smoke-free. Even chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes will be forbidden.

However, most questions arises the enforcement of the ban by the University of Georgia. Authorities in Atlanta talk about massive campaign to remove tobacco from campuses that many people do visit daily, but students have doubts that penalties on violations will be imposed and think that the ban will be generally ignored.

Smoker Beni Kozen, a junior, loves to smoke cheap Red & White cigarettes. He says that it is cool to live in the world free of tobacco, but smokers already exists and sometimes they want to have a cigarette break in order to relieve from stress.

The decision to prohibit tobacco use on colleges campuses came as up to day most American colleges become smoke-free.

According to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, in 2010 less than 450 colleges had implemented smoking bans. However, today that number achieved 1,500, with most of those schools having banned all forms of tobacco.

Some campuses in Georgia had already restricted the use of tobacco before the Board of Regents decided this year to take action at all public colleges and universities across the state.

The regents told university presidents to create their proper plans for tobacco restrictions which should include administrative punishments. Marion Fedrick, the university system’s vice chancellor of human resources, says that regents are expecting smoking bans will be implemented.

The University of Georgia already has in place an anti-smoking policy, which was adopted earlier and bans smoking within 35 feet of building entrances and campus bus stations, and now there were placed signs informing about new smoking restrictions.

Experts say that though there were established no rules on how the restrictiojs should be applied, but many colleges begin with particular mild restrictions. For example, some colleges spent around one year on mild restrictions before enforcing more severe ones.

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