Pennsylvania Passes Cigarette Tax Increase

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After a long period of delay, the Pennsylvania House finally approved a bill which imposes to increase taxes on cigarettes. The new tax of $2 per pack will be used to fund schools.

The bill passed with the majority of votes (114 against 84) and is going to be sent to the Senate for the final decision.

Anti-smoking activists welcomed the cigarette tax increase as they consider that it is great that these additional money will go to schools. Totally it is expected that the new tax will cover $80 million school budget gap. According to  School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr., the gap could lead to closing schools and discharge of teachers.

Spokesman Fernando Gallard is glad that the issue of cigarette tax was finally solved in the House, because it is most important issue today. Now they are waiting the Senate decision.

Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, told that passing the bill is a great victory and called for both parties to support it. It was estimated that while the bill was delayed, schools lost $1.6 million revenue.

State Rep. Curtis Thomas is very happy that the General Assembly had finally passed the bill.

It should be said that cigarette tax does not touch online cigarette stores.

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