Smoking Ban Working in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii, Oahu

One year ago Oahu, Hawaii, adopted a law prohibiting use of cigarettes in parks and on beaches. Today people say that the air became cleaner and they enjoy it.

Resident Dominic Apilando frequently goes to Kapiolani Park. He says that before the smoke-free law was adopted he used to see a lot of smokers in parks who were normally leaving cigarette butts on the ground.

Tim Strait, user of Kapiolani Park, says that a year ago there was a lot of cigarette butts in the park he visits, and after smoking ban came into action, the park became claner.
Some residents say that smoking ban helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Apilando says that smoke-free law is perfect for families with kids as they may walk and play in any park without being exposed to secondhand smoke.

Visitors of Ala Moana Beach Park also observed fewer smokers. However, some people say that they saw smokers in parks.

Apilando claims he saw smokers in parks, and they were usually standing away from families with kids. Smokers do perfectly understand the effects of secondhand smoke on people around and try to distance themselves from them.

There were installed signs on beaches and in parks informing residents and visitors about the smoking ban. People believe they are working.

Kalati Tiumalu frequently visits Ala Moana Beach Park and says that no-smoking signs do a great job as people see them and understand that using cigarettes here is prohibited.

According to the law, people caught smoking in parks and on beaches will have to pay a $100 fine for the first offense and $500 for each next offense.

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