Famous People in Vintage Cigarettes Ads

50 years ago, on January 11, 1964, U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released a report on the negative effects from smoking tobacco. When you look at cigarettes ads of 20th century you just get surprised about the attitude people had towards cigarettes. Cigarettes and smoking were so cool that many famous people advertised them. Take a look at them and you will see people you probably know.

1. Famous baseball player Jackie Robinson endorses Chesterfield in this cigarette ad produced in New York City, circa 1948.

Jackie Robinson in Chesterfield ads

2. Actor and future American President Ronald Reagan is advertising Chesterfield cigarettes, 1950s.

Ronald Reagan in Chesterfield ads

3. Baseball players Stan Musial, Jackie Jensen, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Bucky Harris and Ewell Blackwell advertise Chesterfield cigarettes,1950.

Baseball Players in Chesterfield Ads

4. American actress Ann Sothern in an Christmas ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes, 1954

Ann Sothern in Lucky-Strike Ads

5. Advertisement for Camel cigarettes with actor Brian Keith, opera singer Rise Stevens, writer Marguerite Higgins, General Claire L. Chennault, 1956.

Camel Ads

6. Legendary Jazz singer Louis Armstrong in an advertisement for Camel cigarettes, 1970s.

LouisArmstrong in Camel Ads

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