Altria Group Maintains Its Stands

Marlboro cigarettes

Altria Group Inc is the maker of the famous Marlboro cigarette brand, that is sold in the U.S. and many countries of the world. Altria Group owns Philip Morris USA, the leading cigarette manufacturer in the U.S. In 2008, it spun off Philip Morris International in order to increase opportunities in other countries.

However, in spite of this, Altria Group Inc continues to experience decline in the sale of tobacco cigarettes. This occurs due to introduction of numerous smoking bans, increasing health concerns and tax increases. Market and profits are shrinking very rapidly and tobacco companies are running out of favor.

In these conditions, tobacco companies are looking for modern alternatives which will bring them profits. One of them are e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes is a relatively new product in the smoking market, but they become more nad more popular among smokers. Several years ago, not many people used these devuces but today millions of smokers use them and these numbers still grow.

At the beginning, tobacco companies were sceptical about e-cigarettes but soon they saw that these products are challenging. E-cigarettes are delivering nicotine by heating nicotine vapor electronically with the help of a battery. Generally they are considered safe but there are no scientifical proofs of that.

Altria Group Inc and Philip Morris International, have declared about an agreement last week in which the two tobacco companies will share electronic cigarette technologies, while also developing modern products to maintain their profitability.

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