Charlie Sheen Smoked a Cigarette on Stage in Toronto

Last few months Charlie Sheen is the topic of gossip with his antics and firing from ‘Two and a Half Men’. ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth’ was his recent big hit. These days it seems as if he is fueled up with tiger blood. But it looks as if to cope up with his exhaustion he is craving for nicotine as well.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen in business suit

Recently TMZ reported that recently in Toronto on his stage show Charlie Sheen was seen smoking e-cigarettes. It is not for the first time that he was seen smoking. Rather in his prior shows as well he was seen smoking during his show. Even he was warned if he would smoke thereafter he would be fined $100,000.

Charlie being a trendsetter lit up his cigarette this time as well during Toronto Show at Massey Hall. Sheen bragged to the crowd that he is not in the need of ashtray anymore and can smoke it anywhere with no negative impacts. It might be a celebrity endorsement.

Rather it’s true. Since his appearance in ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth’ the sales of electric cigarettes have found to be increased. Sheen must be thanked for increasing awareness among people about electronic cigarettes.

It clearly states that electric cigarette is completely well known in Hollywood. Many celebrities had already been seen using it. It can be considered a sort of victory in the field of Smoking. People generally adore celebrities they like and want to abide themselves with the same sort of lifestyle. Free electronic cigarettes are generally claimed by various users to be a smoking cessation device.

It can be hoped that this sort of endorsements can make more people aware about electric cigarettes, which can decrease the fatality rate due to Smoking. Electric cigarette is now helping an ample number of people to get rid of Smoking.

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