Smoking Ban in Bars Rejected in Kokomo

Smoking in Bars

In August, City Council of Kokomo, Indiana, discussed the proposal to prohibit smoking on workplaces in clubs and bars. The ban was approved with 5-4 vote. However, the final vote took place on Monday current week, and Republican Kevin Summers changed his opinion and voted against the ban. Thus the propsal to ban smoking on workplaces in bars was rejected with the majority of votes.

Council member Mitchell Gauger, who makes part of Breathe Easy Howard County policy, told that the anti-smoking activists believed that the ban will be adopted and Kokomo will become a healthy city and there will be improved life quality of its residents working in bars.

However, Gauger says that the anti-smoking activists will continue to work over a stronger smoking ban, and they hope that in future Council will take it into consideration.

They will continue to inform people about the effects of secondhand smoke and the necessity to prohibit it at workplaces. They are expecting to get a great support from public.

The proposal to ban smoking in bars is not welcomed by bar owners as they consider it will affect their business negatively. Their clients come to the bar to relax, have a drink and smoke their discount cigarettes. In case smoking ban will be adopted, less people will come to bars, say bar owners.

State law in Indiana prohibits smoking in most workplaces but here are not included clubs, bars and casinos. Several counties and major cities go totally smoke-free.

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