Quit Smoking Tips for Women

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It is more difficult for women to quit smoking than for men and today scientists try to  find out why. Back in December 1999, Nicotine &Tobacco Research journal published a research which found that men physically are more driven by nicotine, which means that they get more satisfied from smoking, while women smoke to satisfy their psychological needs, such as spending time with friends who also smoke.

Nowadays, researchers continue to find out the connection between gender and  nicotine addiction.

Find out ways which help women successfully quit smoking.

1. Schedule quitting at the end of menstruation.
A study showed that women who quit smoking 15 days after or before menstruation have more success than those who do it in the latter half of their cycle. Besides this, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) shows with such symptoms as irritability and depression and those who suffer from it each month know it well. Therefore plan your quitting when you feel yourself more comfortable.

2. Refuse from diet while quitting.
Quitting smoking and keeping to a diet at a time would be stressful for you and both attempts may fail. Eat healthy food first of all. Frequently women are afraid to lose control over their weight. Kenneth Perkins, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, PhD, an expert on women and smoking, said that snacks get most women, not bigger meals. Eat more carrot and celery sticks which do lower the action of smoking.

3. Little weight gain is not a big tragedy.
Take it easy. It is true, that many women gain around 5 pounds when they quit smoking, but this should not prevent you from trying. Some additional pounds do less harm to your body than smoking.

4. Seek support from your family and friends.
Men and women differ in their need for support. Thus women benefit from a shoulder to lean on. Support isn’t limited to a husband, partner, or a close friend. For example, some people who want to quit feel themselves comfortable in chat rooms with ex-smokers who give them advice.

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