UTA smoking ban continues one year later

A smoking ban that was implemented at UTA one year ago did not make students quit smoking. Students said some people continue smoking on campus.

There are no data whether or not smoking ban had an impact on smoking on campus as the UTA Police Department has not disclosed figures how many people were caught smoking on campus.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette in the hand

The smoking ban, introduced on August 1 last year, forbids people from smoking any type of tobacco products on all part of the university including sidewalks, parking lots and some residential housing.

The smoking ban includes as well the building in Fort Worth and rented places by the university that includes research and development areas.

Those who want to smoke can only do so in their vehicles with the closed windows.

After 18 months of surveys and researches, UTA became a smoke-free campus.

Kinesiology junior Jordan Suber said the smoking ban did not affect essentially smoking rates as there is a little difference in the number of people smoking from last year to this one.

Suber said that he always saw a group of nearly six or seven people smoking in front of the building, and after the smoking ban implementation, less people smoke on campus.

The UTAPD still at times does “Smoke Patrols,” the launching of which was March 30 this year. The “Smoke Patrol” started not long after some complaints about smoking in certain locations were sent to the UTAPD.

Gomez said that the move has been effective in reducing smoking on campus. The UTAPD is as well issuing referrals to students caught smoking on campus and faculty members are directed to the universities human resources if they are found smoking on campus.

During his speech about the enforcement of the UTAPD toward the smoking ban, Gomez said that he thought the smoking ban reduced smoking on campus.

The Office of Student Affairs receives complaints from students or professors who want to lay a compliant about people smoking on campus.

Smoking cessation programs for people who want to quit smoking are still available at the university. The groups meet each month on the third Tuesday and Wednesday.

Amol Amol, civil engineer senior, said that since the smoking ban was introduced, anyone smoking on campus was not seen.

Amol added that the ban was successful and UTA has put in a strong performance in its first year of the tobacco ban.

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