Pall Mall replaces its 12.5g with 11 gramme pouch

From July 23 Pall Mall replaced its 12.5g version in a new 11 gramme pouch and reducing the gramme for gramme price. According to the British American Tobacco, the company which manufactures and sells this cigarette brand, the value of the product will be better than before.

To satisfy the needs of adult smokers is the major aim of the BAT. Today Pall Mall brand is experiencing excellent success: the new pack format of 11 gramme that is priced at £2.99 is in direct response to detailed focus groups led on a nationwide basis in April 2012.

Pall Mall 11g RYO

Pall Mall 11g RYO pouch

Henry Lewis, who is British American Tobacco UK’s brand manager for OTP, said that the company launched Pall Mall RYO into the UK tobacco market in 2010 and it has been entirely right while stating that the cigarette brand suggests adult smokers a quality blend from an approved brand at a affordable price.

“The right price, the right blend and the right brand is a strong mix which has been principal to brand’s success”, added Henry Lewis. “The change into a new 11 gramme pouch is Pall Mall’s operating experience of appreciation of the needs of the adult smoker who is interested in RYO products and producing a product that meets these needs.”

The study, conducted by British American Tobacco UK (BAT UK), clearly showed that adult smokers need a quality RYO product, the price of which is under £3.00. According to the fact that the price point is one of the major factors in brand selection in this category, ensuring that Pall Mall brand meets this requirement is significant.

In the course of the last three years the roil-your-own sector has experienced double-digit growth because adult smokers require excellent value for their money on quality convenience purchases in continuing tough economic conditions.

British American Tobacco declared that the new Pall Mall in an 11 gramme pouch provides a quality product at an affordable price.

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