Decline in Cigarettes Use at University of Louisiana

Cigarette butts

The University of Luisiana on August 2014 implemented a tobacco-free policy on its campus. Judith Sylvester, SmokingWords adviser and mass communication professor,  says that the policy works due to serious approach to the issue and the honor system.

Recently she discussed about the policy with students on campus and the Dean of Students. All of them support the initiative and follow policy rules. The only problem  brought to light is bus personnel, but they will look for the ways to solve it quickly.

According to  Sylvester, the main aim of the policy was not just to reduce number of smoking butts on the campus grounds, but to increase awarness about effects of smoking on health. In fact, they did not expect 100% compliance right at the beginning.

Sylvester got a lot of gratitude since the implementation of tobacco-free policy. Students express their delight about breathing fresh air on campus of the university. Moreover, students are aware about secondhand smoke effects. Carter Pesson, student at  Biochemistry, said that improvement of student’s health is the great benefit of the policy. Experts say that generally, the implementation of the policy is successful.

However, still many students continue to smoke discount cigarettes and now they should find places to smoke other than campus. Some students smoke on campus but they are very few. Also staff members do still smoke. The simple solution for all of them is to quit.

Florencia Scaglia,  student at Biochemistry, considers that smoke-free policy is a good idea and many students also think the same.

Other student Justin Naylor from  Petroleum engineering faculty told he is absilutely indifferent to the policy as he always avoided places where people smoked. He believes that more students will quit.

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