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Obama administration appeals block on new cigarette warnings

The Obama administration appealed Tuesday a federal judge’s decision to block a law that would have made tobacco companies include graphic pictures and messages showing the dangers of smoking on cigarette packages. U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon made a decision on the law in early November. He cited First Amendment rights against unconstitutionally compelled speech as a factor in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Australia passes plain-packaging cigarette law

Australia is to become the first country to enforce the plain packaging of cigarettes but tobacco companies have vowed to fight the new legislation in court. From December next year, all cigarettes will be sold in olive green packs, which research has shown is least appealing to smokers. Under the new laws, approved by the upper house of parliament, no … Continue reading

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Cigarette Makers Win Battle Against Totally Grody Warning Labels

For all the times the tobacco industry has (rightfully) been shut down in its attempt to woo new customers, they must’ve been granted a boon by the legal gods, as they’ve won a battle against nasty, graphic cigarette package warning labels. So how did Goliath beat David this time? Free speech, says Reuters. A federal judge told the U.S. it … Continue reading

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Cigarette Companies File 2nd Suit Over Warnings

Five tobacco companies filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington late Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of regulations and graphic warning labels under the 2009 law that imposed federal regulation on tobacco. The companies lost a similar complaint last year in the United States District Court in Kentucky when District Judge Joseph H. McKinley Jr., ruled they could be forced … Continue reading

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