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Designer packs being used to lure new generation of smokers

Tobacco companies are designing cigarette packs to resemble bottles of perfume or with lids that flip open like a lighter to lure young people into smoking. Research published yesterday reveals the lengths to which the industry has gone to make its packs attractive to new generations of smokers as opportunities for promoting its products have been progressively reduced. Responding to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Cigarette Makers Win Battle Against Totally Grody Warning Labels

For all the times the tobacco industry has (rightfully) been shut down in its attempt to woo new customers, they must’ve been granted a boon by the legal gods, as they’ve won a battle against nasty, graphic cigarette package warning labels. So how did Goliath beat David this time? Free speech, says Reuters. A federal judge told the U.S. it … Continue reading

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Sale of small cigarette packs banned

From October 1 onwards, the making and import of packs containing less than 20 cigarettes will be banned in Pakistan, reports The News. The ban, issued by Inter-Provincial Coordination Ministry, is meant to discourage smoking among youngsters, who find small cigarette packs cheaper. Tobacco companies must halt production of packs with less than 20 cigarettes, and shopkeepers must take them … Continue reading

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Graphic cigarette labels needlessly harm businesses

After taking multiple graphic design courses, I have always been very intrigued by the way the labels and logos are designed. Having multiple friends who smoke I’ve began to notice the different designs that cigarette manufacturers use on their packages. Personally, I think the designs give cigarettes their own identity, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seems to want … Continue reading

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