No More Smoking in Montgomery Bars

Smoking in Bar

Authorities in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, continue to pull a smoking ban ordinance as it heads to the city council.  The proposed ordinance induced controversies, therefore authorities work over its modifications.

During public hearing, there were expressed opinions for and against the smoking ban, and all them are taken into consideration when making adjustments. Now the authorities who work over the law, want to make a final modifications to it.

The Montgomery City Council’s Health, Education & Recreation Standing Committee organized a meeting to discuss smoking ban ordinance which will prohibit use of cigarettes in clubs and bars.

Bar owners do not support the ban as they consider it will affect their business forcing smokers find other places where they may relax with their friends and smoke their cigarettes.

Jason Davenport, cigar expert, told that such an ordinance breaks the rights of private business owners. It turns out that government wants to impose what people may and may not do in bars. However, anti-smoking activists claim that the ordinance is needed to protect bar owners and their workers from secondhand smoke.

In Montgomery there was launced a Smoke-Free campaign to inform residents about effects of secondhand smoke exposure.  Ashley Lyerly, chairwoman for SmokeFree

Montgomery, says that despite strong opposition, the city needs the smoking ban ordinance as it will be good for everyone. The experience shows that smoking bans in bars are not affecting businesses.

Now the authorities are working over ban exemptions such as hookah lounges and cigar bars. The proposed ordinance is going to prohibit smoking within 10 feet of business entrances, playgrounds and public transportation stations. Most important question is how the ordinance will be enforced.

A number of Alabama cities already became smoke-free and their experience shows that smoking ban ordinances work good for residents and businesses.

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