Less Smokers in Wisconsin, USA

Smoking Woman

The Department of Health Services (DHS) in Wisconsin revealed data which demonstrates that in the state adult smoking rate achieved its lowest level for the first time in history.

Today adult smoking rate in Wisconsin is 18% while in 2012 it was 20%. Today’s smoking rate almost coincides with the national smoking rate of 17.8% which was also revealed recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Data by the Wisconsin Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS) demonstrates that smoking rates remain high among particular groups. For instance, a survey showed that 33% of Wisconsin residents with less education or low income do smoke.

According to Karen McKeown, State Health Officer, the decrease in adult smoking rate shows that efforts of controlling and preventing tobacco use are working. However, in order to discourage more people from smoking and prevent them from addiction, there is a need to put even more efforts.

Latest data shows that sales of tobacco to minors also dropped in 2014 to 6.4%; down from 7.3% in 2013. The Department representatives say that retailers became more responsable and do not sell cigarettes to underage. With this action they demonstrate that they are not indifferent to lives of young people in Wisconsin.

The 2014 Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) by the UW-Milwaukee Center for Urban Initiatives and Research revealed that smoking rates among youth are dropped, but the use of smokeless tobacco products among high school youth raised from 6% in 2012 to 10% in 2014.

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