Smoking Allowed in House Capitol Offices in Missouri

Capitol. Missouri

The US state of Missouri took a decision to go smoke-free. However, recently the Missouri House voted to continue to permit using cigarettes in offices in the Capitol building.

Smoking is already prohibited on the House floor and in the public viewing chambers above. State Representative Jeanette Mott Oxford proposed to extend this smoking ban to the entire House side of the State Capitol, and ban use of tobacco in individual offices of all House members.

Oxford says that it is very important to eliminate tobacco from the building, because it will allow everyone to breathe clean air. It will especially protect kids and teens who come in the building. The question of total elimination tobacco from Capitol was put on vote.

However, House Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones opposed the proposal saying that people working in the building should be permitted to light up in their own offices. In the course of the voting, the majory voted against the proposal and it was rejected.

But the majority agreed to prohibit smoking in back gallery where lawmakers usually take breaks.

Also the House voted unanimously to approve new rules which do give more power to the Democratic minority.

Thus  Democratic leaders will be permitted to choose the committee assignments for most members of their party.

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