Smoke-Free Movement in The Hub City

Smoking in Bar

West Texas Smoke Free Coalition decided to create a smoke-free movement in The Hub City. Today in the city smoking is permitted in bars, restaurants and cocktail lounges in designated areas. Bartender Antoine Craft is the member of the coalition and he says that they do fight for the right thing. People do not want to sit in a bar and breathe tobacco smoke, because they are aware about secondhand smoke effects.

In the bar where  Craft works, smoking is permitted and it is uncomfortable to work in these conditions. Here the talk is not only about health but clean air makes it easier  to get the job done.  Craft is a non-smoker and he feels the difference between breating clean air and air full of tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke does not affect the man immediately, the negative effects show themselves after longer period of time.

Bar restaurant managers agree that smoking ban in bars will have positive effects on visitors, but consider that business may be somehow affected.

Bar manager Nick Muscari believes that smoking ban is a really good idea, but it should not be imposed. No one has the right to tell a business owner how they should run their business. Smoking ban must be business owners choice and namely they should decide to implement it in their establishment or no.

The opposers of the ban say it would have an economic impact on businesses, However, the ban supporters appeal to the experiences of cities who successfully implemented this law and had no impacts on business. Moreover, there was reported even profits grow in bars where smoking is prohibited. So smoking ban in bars and restaurants is even beneficial. Smokers just go outside to smoke their cigarettes.

On June 26, the City Council heard the first presentation for an expanded ordinance that would prohibit smoking in absolutely all public places without exception. Now they are gathering all necessary information regarding the ban.

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