Arlington Raises Age to Buy Tobacco to 20


Arlington, Massachusetts, is going to increase minimum age to buy tobacco products to 20. The change comes into action from July 1, 2014. The next year the legal age to buy cigarettes will be increased one more time, to 21. The proposal to make these changes came from Arlington Board of Health which passed these regulations in 2013.

Previously the Board adopted a regulation which restricts the sale of tobacco products and oher products that do contain nicotine.  It is demanded that to check the age of  each person who buys cigarettes and nicotine delivery products, there will be used a valid government-issued photo ID.

The new regulation imposes that in all Arlington establishments that sell cigarettes or other nicotine-related products at retail there must be placed a special sign which shows new age restrictions. The details on the newest regulations you may find at official site of the Board of Health.

There was found that young people from high and middle schools who smoke cigarettes may easily buy tobacco products because frequently are not asked about their age. The Board of Health became worried about this and decided to work over this problem.

The studies showed that easy access to tobacco products contributed to high smoking rates among high school students.

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