Residents Want Marion Parks to be Smoke-Free

Smoking Ban in Parks

Statewide Smokefree Air Act adopted in Iowa in 2008 prohibits use of cigarettes inside most public spaces. People in the city of Marion got so used to the smoking ban that there is no need to remind about it with the of use informative signs.

However, soon a new change in Marion will take place. City authorities want to ban smoking in all city parks.

Marion Park Board already approved the proposal and hopes that the City Council will pass it. However, smokers considers that smoking ban in parks is an extreme measure.

Smoker Valerie McKee says that she cannot get why smoking should be banned outdoors, as there is enough space and oxygen for everyone.

However, not all smokers dislike the idea. Some do support it. For example, smoker Edward Saaks said that he does not expect non-smokers sit behind him and inhale secondhand smoke from his cigarette.

The Marion Park Board  wants to ban in parks not only cigarettes and cigars. They want to ban electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco. More and more studies demonstrate that e-cigarettes represent a particular danger to health.

Anti-smoking activists would like so see smoke-free parks in Marion free of tobacco smoke before summer 2015. It all depends on final decision of City Council.

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