Golf Yards to be Included in Smoking Ban in Portland

Golf yard

Current week, City Council in Portland, Oregon, plans to vote an ordinance which would ban tobacco use in all city parks and four golf facilities.

There are five golf yards in Portland (Rose City, Heron Lakes, RedTail, Eastmoreland) owned by government, and ban of tobacco products on golf yards would be something unusual for the state of Oregon. However, the measure is in line with the trend across the USA in which big cities ban smoking on golf yards as part of ban from park facilities.

However, a number of cities in Oregon which prohibited smoking in parks did not include golf courts in the ban. For example, the city of Eugene banned tobacco in parks but allows it on the city-owned nine-hole Laurelwood course. Lake Oswego has a smoking ban in parks, but people are permitted to light up on the par-3 Lake Oswego Golf Course.

In the city of Newberg, the Chehalem Park and Recreation District tobacco use is not permitted in parks, but after hot discussions, the authorities decided to allow it at Chehalem Glenn Golf Course. Branden Thompson and his team understand how a smoking ban would affect golf games, and they have a clear idea how to enforce it.

However, the district wants to permit tobacco use on the courts, but to prohibit selling tobacco products there.

In the USA such major cities as Los Angeles, Honolulu, Seattle, Albuquerque banned smoking in their parks but made expceptions for golf yards.

John Zoller, manager of golf, told that in the prposal for Portland there are no exceptions for golf yards. It means that smoking ban will be apllied to all park facilites.

In next American major cities smoking is banned in parks and it includes golf yards:  San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, San Diego. Recently Houston and New Orleans joined the list.

The proposal to ban smoking on gold yards in Portland was made in 2014. Smoking ban in Portland would go into effect July 1, and at the beginning it will be enforced by education.

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