Residents in Jessamine County Support Smoking Ban


Asbury University’s psychology department recently conducted a poll in Jessamine County which demonstrated that 62.6% of residents support the idea of smoking ban in bars, restaurants and workplaces. 66.2% support a county law to ban smoking in workplaces.

Randy Gooch, the chief of health department is not surprised with the results of the poll because polls conducted earlier in state of Kentucky by Smoke Free Kentucky Coalition and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky showed that majority of people support smoke-free laws.

Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce businesses also participated in the poll and it showed that 56.3% do strongly favor and 16.3% somewhat favor the law to prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces. The 2013 Community Health Assessment identified people’s serious concerns about smoking.

This made the Department for Public Health engage Asbury University in order to conduct Attitudes Regarding Indoor Smoking Policies Among Jessamine County Residents poll on Smoke Free Laws.

The experience shows that anti-smoking policy is most effective way to improve a community’s health, but it is very important to find out first what community thinks about it.

The poll took place between September and November 2013 and in it participated 690 Jessamine County residents and 80 members of the chamber of commerce.

The poll found that:
• people had mixed opinions when the talk was about potential restrictions for bars where people tended to be more lenient.
• the great majority of people showed support for policies banning indoor public smoking
• the majority of supporters of smoking ban are non-smokers. Smokers are those who oppose the ban.

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