Are You Ready To Quit Smoking?

quit smoking

Over past years the efforts of many Americans to quit smoking failed. There days 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women do still smoke cigarettes. This is a quite confusing fact for people who never smoked. Does smokers really understand the negative effects of smoking on their body? The ftuth is that the majority of smokers do understand. Also they understand the economic impact of smoking with a pack of 20 cigarettes costing $10 in some states in the USA. Imgine that a man sho smokes a day, spends annually $3,650. Then why do millions still smoke?

Firstly, because the nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. Secondly, because smoking provides psychological comfort to some people and quitting smoking is quite difficult. Scientists and businesses have responded to the last point with a creating a number of  programs, systems and tools available for quitting smoking. Almost every month we read about new research showing the benefits of quitting and the negative effects of not quitting.  If you smoke, consider again whether it is time to quit. If yes, you will need to think through the best method that suits you. The following 5 tips will help you succeed.

1. Daniel Z. Lieberman, M.D., head of the Clinical Psychiatric Research Center at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. suggests to settle a list of all the things you like and dislike about smoking. Write them on a sheet of paper in two columns separating them by a line. Think about the list over time, and make additions if necessary. When the negative side outweighs the positive side, you are ready to quit.

2. Make another list of why quitting will not be easy. Be systematic, even in case the list is long. Here is most important thing: you should list one or more options next to each entry for overcoming that challenge. For example, when you have the entry:  “Smoking helps me relieve from stress.” Your option may be: “Take 5-minute walks instead.” The more solutions you find, the better your chance of success.

3. Settle a quit date and sigh a quit date contract in presence of a witness.

4. Write all your reasons for quitting  smoking on an index card and have it near you at all times.

5. If you really want to quit, you should start to buy less packs of cigarettes and only carry two or three with you at a time. When you want a smoke, you won’t have any available cigarettes at the moment. Slowly you will smoke less and less.

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