Mississippi Rejects Smoking Ban


Last week Mississippi rejected the proposal to ban smoking in commercial buildings inside the city limits. The proposal was rejected by the Board of Aldermen in spite of its support by the mayor Young.

The idea of smoking ban came from Beverly Knox from the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition, whose major argument in favor of the ban was that it was implemented in many cities of the state.

However, three aldermen voted against the proposal saying that it would never do to tell business owners what to do and what not to do in their buildings. However, the mayor disagreed with such argument. He told that normally no one wants government to interfere with business but when someone puts a house then they want goverment intervention and control everything in order to be alright behind the house.

The majority of people want smoking to be prohibited. He had a meeting with  officials from the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Association and Community Development Partnership who favored the action.

Young also talked with many business owners and people, who mostly favored the smoke-free ordinance. And one automotive business asked for an exemption to permit his workers to smoke in an outside bay area.  The mayor said his overall personal feedback showed 90% in favor of a smoking ban.

Josh Gamblin, who voted against the proposal, asked why business owners of restaurants, didn’t just put no smoking signs on their doors.  Those who do not want to permit smoking in their restaurants may just put a no smoking sign and this must be their own decision.

The supporters of the proposal say that its aim is to create a healthy environment.  Besides this they are worried with secondhand smoke which proved to affect negatively people who inhale it.

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