Lindsay Lohan’s unhealthy diet: tobacco and tantrums

In recent times an American actress Lindsay Lohan is playing elegant Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming TV film, however she is frequently noticeable to conduct herself as a heroine of “Mean Girl” this summer. It appears that Lindsay Lohan is much more likely a rioter.

Smoking Lohan

Lindsay Lohan smoking cigarette on the bed

The star with a slim figure has invented her own “that’s so Lindsay” receipt for keeping fit. The secret of the star’s good figure is permanent smoking, sloping over tantrums and bad mood, according to Us Weekly. According to Us magazine, well-known smoking celebrity can not do without nicotine and it seems that she can not withstand without cigarettes.

The on-set source reported that every time Lindsay Lohan finishes a scene she begin smoking another cigarette. The star conducts herself not like other actresses, who repeat words for their roles, exercise in their trailers or drink a lot of water, Lindsay sits down on the director’s chair, lights up another cigarette and puffs away.

Moreover, Lindsay is not only exposed to cigarette smoking, she is known to be an eager follower of Red Bull, according to Entertainment Wise. In addition, Lindsay takes steps towards weight reduction by drinking and energizing herself with coffee. Her favorite coffee house: the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, according to Cool Spotters.

It seems that Lindsay is not preoccupied with the need to be in good shape, although it is not very nice. The well-known actress and model has risen to fame for her skill in throwing attention-nabbing tantrums. Not long ago, she broke a birthday party of the reality star Francesca Eastwood by screaming “I’m a star, she’s nobody, get her out of here!” informed the Huffington Post. The source described Lindsay as she carried herself in a strange way like “some bad ’80s film star, and it is hard to watch because she needs help.” Just before Lohan began filming, she did make an effort to get a good shape by taking spin classes, she told the “Extra show.” It seems as if she might want to come back to spinning on a bike rather than spinning out of control.

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