Japan Tobacco's Mevius Brand to Replace Mild Seven

At the beginning of August, one of the largest tobacco companies, Japan Tobacco Inc., reported delightedly that it intends to change the name of its popular Mild Seven cigarette brand to one that better suits its force of overturning of Marlboro brand as the world’s well-known cigarettes.

From this time forward Mild Seven cigarette brand will be known as Mevius cigarettes. Despite the assonance and association with a Roman name, its roots lie in branding alchemy.

Mevius Cigarettes

Japan Tobacco Inc’s newly named, packaged and designed tobacco product

The Mevius cigarette pack represents high-quality design. The cigarettes are placed in a superior and haughty, slightly stretched packaging. The bright and distinctive name is estimated to attempts to exceed expectations of Japan Tobacco for the brand.

According to the tobacco company, the letters in the brand name have their meaning.

The “EV” symbolizes the brand’s “evolution” during its 35-year history and what is coming.

The letter “I” represents the brand’s connection to “U”, that means “yoU,” the customer.

Ultimately, remembering the brand’s long history and longstanding popularity, the “M” and “S” are taken from “Mild Seven” to bookend the new name.

Mild Seven cigarettes were introduced in 1977 and soon after the introduction the cigarette brand began to occupy the overhead position in the Japanese market. Since then the cigarette maker is intending to actively increase its overseas sales volume because of a declining Japanese market. The new name may assist tobacco company in selling of the brand in countries with stricter limits on the use of words like “mild” in tobacco marketing.

Nowadays Mild Seven cigarettes are sold in seventeen countries, including Korea, Malaysia Russia and Taiwan. In 2011 the cigarette brand’s sales volume was 76.5 billion cigarettes. But that is well below sales volume of JT’s lower priced Winston brand in 2011 – 130.7 billion cigarettes.

However, there is the worldwide leading figure: Philip Morris International Inc.’s Marlboro cigarette brand. Last year 300.1 billion Marlboro cigarettes were sold.

JT did not establish sales goals or a detailed developmental history.

JT is the third largest tobacco company in the world regarding sales volume after Philip Morris and British American Tobacco PLC. The cigarette maker gave consideration to 160 other potential names before establishing Mevius. The company refused to announce the rejected names.

The Mild Seven brand was introduced as a lighter variant of JT’s Seven Star brand, which was named after the Big Dipper constellation.

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