JTI to share its views on plain packaging

One of the largest tobacco companies in the world, Japan Tobacco International that produces and distributes universally recognized brands such as Winston, Camel, Sobranie and Glamour has expressed its opinion about standardised cigarette packs in the UK. The company launched a campaign to show its views on the probable consequences of enforcement of standardised plain cigarette packaging in the UK.

Martin Southgate, managing director UK for JTI, said on July 6 that the current debates are carried out around standardised plain packaging and the tobacco company is an important part of it.

Sobranie Cigarettes brand

Sobranie – JTI’s premium cigarette brand

Southgate added that the Japanese cigarette maker is seriously agitated about the way the consultation has been conducted from the beginning. JTI wants a genuine and transparent process that pays attention to the effects of standardised cigarette packs. Particularly the tobacco company wants to know about the consequences that can lea to illicit trade. The measures on reduction of smoking can be as well a reason and illicit trade increase

The campaign was started on the weekend. It consisted of UK-wide publications that were focused on government and business decision makers, JTI said this in a note posted on its website.

The note said that Japan Tobacco International pointed out the distinct absence of evidence supporting the Department of Health’s consultation on standardised cigarette packs, which disregards the Government’s own Better Regulation rules.

At a later stage, JTI will focus its attention on the probable consequences of plain packaging from both a consumer and business perspective. The tobacco company will invest £2 million in this initiative over the following months.

The campaign will underscore perverted and obsolete notions about smoking and examine better methods and solutions which are worth to be considered.

Standardized cigarette packaging is a concern that goes far beyond tobacco.

A wide range of business partners, wholesalers, retail dealers and other FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies are more and more under attack with needless red tape.

Southgate said if they go ahead in promotion of intelligent arguments to the surface – from us or others – they will all derive a profit from it. He added that they hope the department of health will re-think its approach and common sense will prevail.

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