British American Tobacco launches Vogue Perle Capsule

British American Tobacco (UK) is introducing changes in Vogue cigarettes category launching Vogue Perle Capsule –the first demi-slim capsule cigarette in the world. Such cigarettes are considered to hit the UK market.

BAT has launched Vogue Perle on May 2011 and just three months later, Vogue Perle showed the rates that exceed expectations and sales predictions.

Vogue Perle Capsule

The BAT’s new Vogue Perle Capsule cigarettes

In August, Vogue Perle national market share was 0.07%. This is 7 times the share of Marlboro Gold Touch, the launch of which was at the same time. Now 72% of retail outlets, which are covered by BAT UK, have Vogue Perle cigarettes in their stock. At present about1,800 packs of Vogue Perle cigs are being sold every day across the UK!

Hinesh Patel, Premium Brand Manager at BAT UK expressed an opinion on the success of Vogue Perle saying that Vogue Perle cigarettes achieved success due to a product of top quality, the premium packaging which was designed in Paris, a smooth tobacco blend, all positioned at a reasonable price. Cigarettes are estimated to be appreciated by smokers as they possess the new, compact demi-slim format and their taste remained the same as a normal king size cigarette.

The launch of Vogue Perle Capsule is going to improve BAT’s reputation. The UK is considered to be the most innovative cigarette manufacturer.

Now adult smoking people have an opportunity to change the taste of their cigarette by squeezing a small capsule inside the filter. A capsule releases a fresh taste in the course of cigarette smoking. Capsule technology enables smokers to smoke these cigarettes according to the taste and preferences of the individual adult smoker. Capsule using was designed to be optional innovation as it can be activated at any time during the smoking – or not at all.

According to the March Price List of the BAT, the price of a pack of Vogue Perle Capsule cigarettes will be £6.72. The new cigarettes are estimated to increase potential profitability to retail dealers in the Premium segment. Capsule cigarettes have already brought about 20mn sticks of volume sales in the UK for the moment this year, and the cigarette category continues to rise.

Vogue Perle Capsule will contain the same smooth blend as Vogue Perle – 7mg. As well Vogue Perle Capsule will replace Vogue Perle Bronze in distribution from July. There will be 20 cigarettes in a pack. A category will be maintained through major commercial activities, including promotional deals through selected distributors.

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