‘No ID, No Sale’ better option than plain packaging, says Japan Tobacco

Japan Tobacco International, a cigarette manufacturing company, has “noted” the lack of proposed legislation related to the introduction of standardized packaging in the Queen’s Speech during this Parliamentary session.

JTI Group

Japan Tobacco International

Jorge da Motta, managing director of Japan Tobacco International UK, said: “The determination of the UK authorities not to involve standardized packaging in the Queen’s Speech displays the regulatory principles of evidence-based policy not policy-based evidence are being consideredю

“The tobacco control lobbyists have tried to motivate MPs that standardized packaging will help the younger generation stop smoking; they have attempted to use emotion to prevent the authorities’ own consultation process and to finish any debate.

“Regardless of the UK authorities having made the decision not to include standardized packaging currently, this hasn’t prevented a UK-based MEP from trying to change the Tobacco Products Directive to involve plain packaging and implement the measure via the back door. Regardless of Europe-wide economic problems it appears some are still in preference of ever-increasing ‘nannyism’, red tape and expensive but unsuccessful regulation.

“Greater investment in resources to stop the illicit trade in tobacco in our communities would be a main action forwards in blocking the access of tobacco to teenagers. Reinforcement of retail access prevention actions, such as the ‘No ID, No Sale’ programmes and the Scottish example, which penalises proxy purchasing by adults and the buying or attempted purchase of tobacco products by those under 18, are effective solutions.

“We would welcome discussion with authorities and enforcement agencies to talk about our proposals in more detail.”

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