Boehner: "Smoking Makes Me Cry!"

Majority Leader of the Untied States Congress, John Boehner, appeared on Fox News and was asked by host Chris Wallace about his smoking habit and the fact he seemed to cry quite a bit.

John Boehner

Majority Leader of the Untied States Congress John Boehner

Boehner grew red in his face, his mouth quivered as he clenched and un-clenched his hands. He seemed to be having a hard time finding the right words and said, “I cry because I smoke a lot.”

Wallace: Why do you smoke so much?”

Boehner: Because if I don’t smoke, it makes me cry.”

Wallace: Have you ever tried to quit doing both?”

Boehner: “Yes.”

Wallace: “What happened?”

Boehner: “I drank a lot.”

Wallace: “What happened then?”

Boehner: “I cried a lot and started to smoke.”

Wallace: “Have you ever tried to quit drinking?”

At this point, Boehner lit a cigarette, inhaled deeply, took a long drink out of his water (?) glass and started to sob uncontrollably. The program cut to a commercial.

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