Do you know the best 5 cigarettes brands?

Smoking is a habit spread around the world, and plenty of cigarette brands are being manufactured every day. According to the latest survey, the best cigarette brands are the following:

1. Marlboro brand

Marlboro cigarette pack

Marlboro Red Cigarettes

Marlboro brand is very popular throughout the world. These cigarettes have been introduced to the market in 1920s. In the beginning Marlboro brand was identified as cigarettes for women. However, in 1950s Marlboro cigarettes modified their image to a cowboy; hence filtered cigarettes began focusing on men’s world. Original design and perfect taste of Marlboro cigarettes produced by Philip Morris USA (a branch of Altria) within the US and by Philip Morris International (now separate from Altria) outside the US will never leave smoker indifferent and will let smoker feel the taste of freedom.

2. Camel brand

Camel Blue cigarettes

Camel Blue

Camel cigarettes are as well one of the top selling cigarette brands. These cigarettes are being produced since 1913 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. One of the factors of Camel success is a mixture of the affordable price of these cigarettes and a high quality of tobacco. Nowadays Camel cigarettes include a blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. In 2006, RJR declared that Camel brand snus would be produced in Sweden together with British American Tobacco.

3. Winston brand

Winston Classic cigarettes

Winston Classic

Winston cigarettes gained their popularity long ago. Winston brand is manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1954 and having obtained a success over the next decade Winston grew to become the top-selling brand all over the United States. Winston reached a leading position in the market because of its mild and distinctive tobacco.

4. Lucky Strike brand

Lucky Strike Click&Roll cigarettes

Lucky Strike Click&Roll Pack

The oldest brand of cigarettes out there, Lucky Strikes don’t need an introduction. During World War II they were handed out to soldiers, thus becoming a post-World War II hit. Today, the popularity of Lucky Strike cigarettes seems to drop slightly, particularly in Europe.

5. Salem brand

Salem Cigarettes Packs

Salem Packs

Salem cigarettes were launched by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1956. Salem were presented as one of the first filter-tipped cigarettes with menthol in the tobacco industry. The name of the brand comes from the name of the place RJR was situated Winston-Salem in North Carolina. The distinctiveness of Salem cigarettes consist in the blend that contains Asian Menthol and not traditional mainstream Menthol.

There are a lot of cigarette brands, and which one to choose is always up to smoker!

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