Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Al-Fakher Corporation was established in 1999, as a limited liability private company and is currently owned by a major investment company operating in the Middle East. Al-Fakher strives to transform the Middle Eastren Hookah or “Shisha” tradition into a universal phenomenon by producing premium molasses in a wide range of flavors. Over the years Alfakher was successfully able to expand its markets so that today it has agents operating world wide.

Al Fakher

Al Fakher Flavoured Tobacco

Al-Fakher team is made of highly qualified and specialized employees, each in their respective field.

Al-Fakher prides its self as being a major advocate in community service. The company and its employees provide continuous support to the community through monetary and srvice related contributions to local charitable organizations.

Al Fakher Apple Flavour is known as the standard flavor of Molasses tobacco, which is suitable for all types of smokers. Al Fakher Apple delivers a smooth taste of red apples and a rich smoke unrivaled by any other brand of tobacco.

Al Fakher Grape Flavour is the most famous Al Fakher flavor and well-known for an unmatched sweet taste and rich smoke. Fresh yellow grapes and highest grade of grape flavors make the Grapes flavored Tobacco unmatched. The Al Fakher Grapes flavor is the most demanded flavor of Tobacco in the world and simply the best.

Al Fakher Melon Flavour has an exotic melon flavor with a sweet taste and long lasting smoking experience. This flavor is great for mixing with other flavors such as strawberry and mango.

Al Fakher Mint Flavour is one of the most popular flavors. This flavor delivers a cool, fresh, minty taste that gives a great smoking experience. The Mint flavor is perfect for being mixed with other flavors in order to lighten up the taste and give a cool minty aftertaste.

Al Fakher Strawberry Flavour is one of the most popular flavors, known for its sweetness in taste. It provides an unmatched taste of sweet strawberries which creates a unique smoking experience.

Al Fakher Watermelon Flavour is a light flavor that has a fruity smell and after taste. It is a light enjoyable smoking experience.

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