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‘Shock’ of tobacco price hike prompts smokers to quit

A record number of people have quit smoking in the first week of the New Year, according to Quitline. The national stop-smoking support service said more than 2400 people have given up the habit using its services at the start of 2012 – a 5% rise on last year. Of the 2422 people who contacted Quitline, 509 said they were … Continue reading Continue reading

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Smoking rate decreases by 15 percent with anti-smoking law

Smoking has declined by 15 percent in Turkey since an amendment was made to Law 4207 on the Prevention and Control of Hazards of Tobacco Products four years ago, the chairwoman of the National Cigarette and Health Committee (SSUK) has said. Recalling that Jan. 3, 2008 was the date when the amendment was passed in Parliament, Elif Dağlı, in comments … Continue reading

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Does it pay to give up smoking?

The Department of Health says that half of all smokers underestimate the financial impacts of smoking. On average smokers estimate that smoking 20-a-day habit is costing them £1,800 per year. With a packet of 20 cigarettes now costing on average £6.59, smokers are underestimating this by more than £600. In reality, a 20-a-day smoker could save £2,405 a year if … Continue reading

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Reynolds American, Inc. (RAI): Zacks Rank Buy

Reynolds American, Inc. (RAI ) has been trading like a high flyer for the last few months, hitting a number of new all-time highs as investors shift into more conservative segments of the market. With a high industry rank and estimates on the rise, this Zacks #1 Rank stock is burning up the charts. Reynolds American, Inc., through its subsidiaries, … Continue reading

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More Kansas businesses use “tobacco shop” exception

Viewers are calling and e-mailing FactFinder 12 wondering how some area businesses can allow smokers to light up. We looked into and found you’ll probably see it happen more often. “There are more (businesses) doing it. You’ll find some doing illegally and I wouldn’t advise that, but we’re seeing a lot more open up smoke shops because that’s what their … Continue reading

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Savannah celebrates one year of being smoke free

Savannah has been smoke free for one year. When the New Year turned to 2011, people were no longer able to smoke inside businesses or within 10 feet from the entrance outside. The law also eliminated outdoor smoking seating for restaurants, unless the outside seating is at least 50 percent of the indoor seating. It is the same for private … Continue reading

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Jerusalemites Gave Smoking Pipes as Gifts to Lovers during Ottoman Period

A romantic inscription found on the ceramic mouthpiece of a tobacco pipe discovered during an ongoing archaeological excavation in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem suggests the pipe was probably given as a gift to a lover. The Arabic inscription reads: “Heart is language for the lover”, according to a statement released, on Sunday, by Dr. Kate Rafael of the Israel … Continue reading

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Japanese Smoking Culture Proves Hard To Snuff Out

For generations of Japanese, smoking has been all but synonymous with manhood and hard work. During Japan’s high-growth period in the 1960s, the smoking rate for males topped 80 percent, twice as high as the rate during America’s smoking heyday. In a country that’s so tobacco friendly, it’s no wonder anti-smoking initiatives have trouble gaining traction. That’s despite the estimated … Continue reading

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Northern Kentucky program offers smoking cessation classes for free

Looking to quit smoking in 2012? A program in Northern Kentucky wants to help you with that goal. The Cooper-Clayton Smoking Cessation program will start the first week of January. Cooper-Clayton is a comprehensive, 13-week program helping participants stop smoking with peer support, educational guidance and nicotine replacement therapy. The program is offered in-person and online. If you’re looking for … Continue reading

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Black market cigarette sales jump in Spain

A series of increases in the tax on tobacco sales in Spain over the past two years has triggered both a price war between companies battling for recession-hit consumers, and a sharp rise in the sale of black market cigarettes. “Because of the recession, and falling purchasing power, the problem of black market tobacco seems to be getting worse,” said … Continue reading

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