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Tobacco Use and Stress

People who work long hours are likely to become more stressful and indulge in unhealthy behaviors such as snacking, smoking and drinking caffeine. Stress disrupts people’s normal habits. For example they become opt for harmful high fat and high sugar snacks in favor to healthier food choices. Also people under stress eat less than usual in their main meals including … Continue reading Continue reading

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US Surgeon General lies by omission: Smoking one cigarette can kill you? Seriously?

In what can only be called a bizarre leap of pseudoscience, U.S. Surgeon General Dr Regina M. Benjamin recently announced that smoking one cigarette can kill you. In fact, she says, just breathing in the smoke from someone else’s cigarette can kill you, she claims. It’s all part of a just-released report entitled A Report of the Surgeon General: How … Continue reading

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The Tobacco Atlas

1 The History of Tobacco The global spread of tobacco from the Americas to the rest of the world. 2 Male Smoking Smoking prevalence among men. Smoking effects on men. 3 Female Smoking Smoking prevalence among women. Where women smoke as much as men. Where men smoke ten times as much as women. 4 Youth Tobacco use prevalence among male … Continue reading

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Lorillard profit rises 11% on higher prices

Lorillard Inc.’s second-quarter earnings rose 11% as the cigarette maker’s sales benefited from increased volume and higher selling prices. The No. 3 U.S. cigarette producer by revenue dominates the market for menthol cigarettes, which are increasingly popular with adolescents and young adults, though overall smoking rates have declined. Bigger rivals Altria Group Inc. (MO) and Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) last … Continue reading

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Ohio board recommends banning smoking on all school property

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The state school board says smoking should be banned not only inside Ohio school buildings but also on surrounding school property. The Ohio Board of Education has voted unanimously in favor of tobacco-free school campuses, including parking lots and athletic facilities. The recommendation approved earlier this month is just that: a recommendation that school systems may adopt … Continue reading

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NO SMOKING wins awards at Indian Film Festival

NO SMOKING released in 2007 is still continuing to make an impression in the festival circuit abroad. The Anurag Kashyap directed film has recently won a few awards for itself at the Indian Film Festival and would be enjoying repeated screening for itself. The festival would first play at three venues in Beijing (China) and then also travel five cities … Continue reading

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Is Catherine Zeta-Jones' Smoking Putting Michael Douglas at Risk?

Photos that appeared in the U.K.’s Daily Mail showed actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas vacationing in Europe aboard a yacht, and in one, Zeta-Jones holds a cigarette while Douglas walks alongside her. The photo has kicked up its share of controversy about whether such close proximity to a smoker is risky for the 66-year-old actor, who recently underwent treatment … Continue reading

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Majority of Smokers Consider their Cigarette Brands Safe

A recent study has found that majority of smokers think that their cigarette brands are safer than others. The study suggests that cigarette packaging has a strong impact on the risk perception of smokers. The smokers of gold, silver or slim cigarettes are more likely to believe that their brands are less harmful. Researchers surveyed more than 8000 current and … Continue reading

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What's Brandon got his hand on? A smoking Paris Hilton, that's what!

It would appear Paris Hilton is enjoying her newly-single status. The 31-year-old heiress, who split from boyfriend Cy Waits last month, was spotted with Brandon Davis yesterday, who she once had a brief fling with. Ladies’ man Brandon put on a tactile show and appeared to have his hand on a smoking Paris‘s derrière. The reality star was wearing a … Continue reading

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Barack Obama quits smoking after 30 years

The First Lady announced that the US president had not touched cigarettes for almost a year and could now be counted among the ranks of the 1.3 million of his compatriots who are estimated to kick the habit annually. His final motivation – which followed years of pressure from his wife – was wanting to be able to look his … Continue reading

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